East Meets West


Save the date for the next East meets West Forum in Vienna: https://www.eastmeetswest.eu/


We thank the EastMeetsWest founders for inviting us to the EMW-Forum in 2015, where we took part and had the chance to present the Que[e]rbau town-house project, Vienna

EMW Briefing Queerbau

East meets West is a Vienna based association, founded in 2013 by Ludo Swinnen and Pavel Subrt, two colleague bankers who are professionally active in the Eastern part of Europe. The original idea was to setup a network of local East European LGBT organisations, bringing these together with their counterparts from the West, to share experiences and best practices. After a very successful start, with the first International East meets West Forum in Prague in 2014, both co-founders decided to continue the initiative in 2015 but based on a more mature and sustainable concept.

East meets West wants to be, in addition to the original East-West LGBT social function, also and mainly, a facilitator of business awareness and experiences among a professional European LGBT Community by supporting, in a broader sense, LGBT linked, micro business set-ups, especially in Eastern Europe. East meets West will be the place for the creation of the awareness that LGBT men and women can be successful entrepreneurs and become role models inside and outside of the LGBT community.





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